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Our missions

  • Increasing access to quality education for all, everywhere
  • Improving teaching and learning online
  • Provide mutualized means and services in support of digital initiatives of institutions

EOS Education is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform. It is founded to build capacity using ICT. As such, CIFODECOM has capitalized on Tunisian talent to leverage technology developed by the Harvard-MIT consortium, edX, to create Tunisian MOOC platform. The new MOOC platform will present the Tunisian and others with unique and vital opportunities that can be part of a necessary revolution in education and learning.

First, the platform will broadcast the best professors to Tunisia, offering original courses - developed by CIFODECOM - to further enrich Tunisian education. Through its partnership with edX, the platform will also give learners access to courses taught and developed at top tier institutions.

Second, EOS Education envisions the use of the platform to showcase Tunisian role models by broadcasting short online courses by practitioners and professionals from a variety of fields spanning the Management and ICT.

Finally, EOS Education believes that the platform will enable the world to take advantage of the international interest in regional affairs to tell its own story to the world. Tunisian university professors and experts can use the platform to give courses to learners. This will serve to inform a global audience that is interested in the region's development.